Double Flutter Lures


Pyramid Lake Cutthroat

These are the Original Double Flutter Lures!! (don't be fooled by copycats!!)

The Double Flutter trolling lure is constructed of a large trolling flutter spoon and a small trolling flutter spoon, connected with 20# monofilament fishing line.  Because of this design this lure has a crippled fish-like action, which makes it more appealing to fish. 

The Double Flutter Lure can be trolled for Pyramid Lake Cutthroats, Mackinaw, Browns and Rainbows.  It is also a great lure to use in the Sacramento Delta for Stripers and Salmon.

Our Custom Painted Double Flutter Lures are painted on extended glow spoons. 

 All have been used and proven to work great at Pyramid Lake, Union Valley Reservoir and other lakes, for the Cutthroat, Rainbows, Browns and Mackinaw.

Glow Fire Tiger

Glow Red Tiger

Glow Blue Tiger "New"

 New White Tiger

Green Glow Tiger "New"

Glow Watermelon "New"

Green Frog

 Bleeding Frog

 Glow Kokanee

Glow Herring

Glow Code Blue

 New Nickel Hologram

Nickel Code Blue

Nickel Crush Glow

 Nickel Plasma Watermelon

Nickel Chartreuse Tiger

 Nickel Pyramid Plasma

This video shows the crippled fish action of the Double Flutter Lures.