Fishing Reports...

Please feel free to send us your fishing reports for us to post also.  We always like to hear from others about how their fishing adventures went!  If you send us a fishing report to post on the website, we will send you a free lure of our choice. (one lure per person a month)  If you send in a report please include your name and address.

Fishing Reports, 2021

The new Pyramid Lake Minnows.  Available by special order at this time.

Pyramid Lake, NV  October 2021,
Pyramid Lake has proven to be an outstanding cutthroat fishery once again.  We have been fishing weekly since the opener and have had great success testing some new gear.  The new gear consists of 2 spoons which are called the Pyramid Lake Minnow.  These are special order only at this time.  If interested you can contact me thru the Ken's Custom Tackle Facebook page.  These lures have been the top producer for the large cuts.  Especially if bait is present.
Once again the Blue Diamond Tiger spoon and the Glow Blue Tiger Double Flutter have been producing top quality fish.  We have been trolling at 3 mph and fishing the deeper water this time of year.  Jigging has also been very productive.  Our Chub and Blue/Green jigs have been the best bet.  The Frog pattern spoons and double flutters have also been producing good quality fish when other lures aren't working.
Just a note at this time we are including a free lure of our choice with every order.  Remember, most all of our lures are hand painted and each one is different.
Remember to check the weather before you head out to Pyramid Lake!  Good luck fishing!
Capt. Ken

Pyramid Lake, May 2019
Well to say the least, the big fish are on the bite.  Trolling speed 2.2-3.2 mph.  Depth 20-40 ft.  Short set backs, 20 ft. behind the ball.
Fish are holding in the clear water at the north end of the lake.  Lures of choice have been Double Flutters and our 1 oz. spoons in Glow Blue Tiger, Glow Watermelon, Green Glow and Glow Fire Tiger.  These lures have been the best producers on several different boats for the last couple of weeks. 
The quality of fish is outstanding with some reaching upwards of 34 inches.  And they have been giving us a great fight with several fish jumping out of the water.
We will be back at it again as soon as the winds calm down.

Pyramid Lake--
Spring 2019  After a long cold winter we have been out testing some of our new spoons and Double Flutters.  Once again the Blue Tiger in the spoon and Double Flutter has been our top producer.  After testing the new Glow Watermelon Tiger, we have found it to be a close contender in productivity at Pyramid Lake.  Take a look at our new colors in our spoons and Double Flutter Lures.

April 25 & 26, Pyramid Lake---In the past couple of days we have found that the bigger fish were holding in the top 30 ft. of water over 120 ft. or deeper water. Spoons and Double Flutters were our lures of choice. The Glow Watermelon produced the largest and the most. With the Blue Tiger close behind. Boat speed 3 mph. Congrats to my buddy Samm for catching his personal best yesterday. I was also able to get my personal best yesterday. 34 inches 18.72 lbs. and pure silver. Pictured above.

Fishing Reports, 2017

October opening at Pyramid Lake--Fished as many days we could with friends and family. Had a great opening month! Our Blue Tiger Diamond Spoon, Blue Tiger Double Flutter and our Blue Tiger Jig proved to be our top producers of the month.  We also had good success with our Green Frog, Nickle or Glow Code Blue and Fire Tiger patterns in the Double Flutter and Spoons.
We will be putting all of our custom painted jigs on the website in the next couple of days.
For all of you Pyramid Lake fishermen, get your orders in now! I will be putting a free sample in each order of any of our Pyramid Lake Tackle.
Pyramid Lake, NV  Oct. 6, 2017
Congratulations to Michael J Peckham on catching this beautiful 19.10 lb cutthroat at Pyramid Lake, NV. Caught on one of our Ken's Custom Tackle custom Pyramid Jig. Also congrats to Russ Smith on another beautiful cutthroat, caught on one of our 3 1/4 in. Blue Tiger Diamond Spoon.
Mike's Report--"I was fishing most of the week at Hell's Kitchen Pyramid Lake this year . I bought some jigs from Ken's Custom Tackle end of last season.  So this Season I decided to try them out over at Hell's Kitchen the opening week. We were looking for the bait ball, like the previous years. We did not see them like we did before. I started jigging in the spot, where I have caught fish before the previous years. We put on some of Ken's jigs and we started catching fish. We caught fish all week long over at Hell's Kitchen. We caught a lot of 20" to 23" fish, a few 26" 27" fish, A few of them close to 10 lb and one over 10 lb.

Then on the last day in 80 ft of water in the early afternoon, when the bite slowed way down.  I caught this 19 LB 10 2.5 oz hog on 12 lb test on one of Ken's Custom Tackle jig. The fish just stayed down! I thought I was snagged until the rod started to pump and take line out. My brother and friends quickly reeled up the other lines. I started up the kicker and followed the fish going backwards in the boat, the fish was still taking line out. The Lahontan Cutthroat slowed down and I got some of my line back. Then he tried to spool me again. We played this game for over 20 mins.  I thought I was going to loose him, Barbless hooks, line strain etc. Finally he was coming up. We saw him!!!! What a pig!!. My Brother Richard got the net out and waited for just the right moment to net him. We got him in the net. What excitement!!!! My arms were ready to fall off. What a Adrenalin rush, Thanks Ken for the awesome Jigs, Thanks Richard for the great net job!"
Mike Peckham's 19.10 lb                  Russ Smith's beauty
Pyramid Lake, NV Opener--October 1-3, 2017
Fished the past 3 days. Found conditions from winter like conditions, windy and cold, to flat calm and warm today. 
Today we boated over 47 fish. Our best day of the season so far. 4 anglers on board. We headed toward the Kitchen and jigged the first couple of hours in 50-90 ft. of water. Our 3 oz Blue Tiger jig and the 3 oz. Green Glow jig were the top producers jigging. In those 2 hours we boated several 8-10 lb. fish with the norm being 3-4 lb. Please note! Use single hook! Makes it a lot easier to release the fish. 
Trolled the Kitchen after the jig strike, which produced our largest fish of the trip. Blue Tiger Diamond Spoon and Blue Tiger Double Flutter once again produced great number of fish. Nickel Code Blue Double Flutter lure also produced a good number of fish. 
Fished with some very good friends that decided to run some wood at 3 mph. Seen this technic bring fish into the boat in the 10 lb. range. 
All in all a great starting week at Pyramid Lake!

Pyramid Lake, NV--March 1-3, 2017
Well after all the fun weather we have been having, they have finally opened the lake for fishing again.
Fished with Sam aka Geezer, Sean aka the Milkman and good friend Russ. All experienced anglers at Pyramid.
The weather was clear but cold. Boat ramp is in poor shape. 4 wheel drive was needed and recommended for the larger boats. Lots of silt, docks are almost underwater. Water temp. 43-45 degrees.
Areas we fished were Pelican to ...Blockhouse, from the pyramid we fished to the north. Also Separator to the monument. Found murky conditions to the south and on the east side of the lake. Fishing was poor in these areas. Best location was Pelican and Separator to Warrior. Water was clear in these areas. Double Flutters were lure of choice. Found the larger fish holding tight in the sand in 50-70 ft of water. Lots of fish in 30-40 ft. Out of the 3 days are largest fish was just at 8 lbs. with several in the 5 lb. range. Boat speed 1.7-2 mph.
We had our chance at the big fish, but after being almost spooled and a long chase, the fish eventually got loose.
Had a great time fishing! Great to be back out on the lake!
Dress warm! and wear your pfds!

Fishing Reports, 2016

Pyramid Lake--2 days with family and friends
Yesterday we fished with good friends, Nicholas Maynard and Ronnie Waistell and Ron's son Nicholas, both newbies to Pyramid. Boy did we have a great day! Young Nicholas reeled in 8 fish, 4 of which were over 5 lbs. They rest of us brought 15 or 20 more to the boat. It was Ron who had the biggest fish of the day! A little over 8 lbs. This one went home to the BBQ.
Good seeing Fishing Buddy, Chick Fishing, Fisherman and crew and a lot of others.
All we can say is the bite is on! 
We have been trying to take good care of the big trophy fish by not bringing them up out of the water for photos or weights. Many have been released next to the boat that were in the 30 inch range. We saw several fish caught in the high teens. 
We concentrated the last few days around Pelican area. Best depths 80-100 feet. Trolling right on bottom or approx. 5 ft. off bottom. Short set backs. I have been using the Shark weights, which the big cuts seem to like! Boat speed 1.7-2.2 mph. 
Lures of choice have been Double Flutters, Pyramid Frog right now seems to be the top producer. Run 2 or 3 of these and you will most likely have doubles and triples!
Other colors that have been working are the Blue Tiger, Nickel Code Blue and Nickel Crush Glow.
All we can say is the bite is on! 
We have been trying to take good care of the big trophy fish by not bringing them up out of the water for photos or weights. Many have been released next to the boat that were in the 30 inch range. We saw several fish caught in the high teens. 
We concentrated the last few days around Pelican area. Best depths 80-100 feet. Trolling right on bottom or approx. 5 ft. off bottom. Short set backs. I have been using the Shark weights, which the big cuts seem to like! Boat speed 1.7-2.2 mph. 
Lures of choice have been Double Flutters, Pyramid Frog right now seems to be the top producer. Run 2 or 3 of these and you will most likely have doubles and triples!
Other colors that have been working are the Blue Tiger, Nickel Code Blue and Nickel Crush Glow.
Today, we had a great family day to end the week! Took out our oldest boy Lee McCormick, his wife Katie McCormick and grandson Tyson! We fished 4 hours for 20 some fish to the boat. Both Lee and Katie are somewhat newbies to fishing for the cuts. 3-5 lb. fish were the norm. What a way to end the week!
I want you all to know that I have been trying to get in as much fishing as possible to promote the tackle because of the fact that I am having hand surgery again on the 28th of Nov. So I will be laid up for about a month. Still have a few open seats until then. So if you would like to come fish with me and see the tackle at work pm me and we will see what the weather will let us do.

Veterans Day on Pyramid Lake
Fished today with 2 veterans, Okie and Ron Renfro, of Spanish Springs. We opted for a later start today at 8 am. Decided to stay in Pelican Bay for the day, about 4 hrs.
Okie and Ron both got their share of fish. 1st hour we had 12 fish all in the 4-5 lb. range. No slot fish. Ended the day with 27 to the boat. All fish caught in 80-100 ft. trolling right on bottom. Double Flutters were our lure of choice. Boat speed 1.7-2.2 mph. 
Heard a lot of radio chatter from the Kitchen and the east side of the lake. Sounded like fishing was slow at best in these areas.
Fish are still very aggressive, taking both spoons. Water temp. was 58 degrees. Still heavy green slime.
Had a great time fishing with these vets!
Thanks to all of our vets out there for your service!


Pyramid Lake Report Nov. 1-7th.
Over the past week we've been out on the nice calmer days. We have fished from the Mushroom, Hell's Kitchen, the Needles, Pelican and to the south. Weather conditions for the next 7 days look to be outstanding with above normal temps and calmer winds.

Water temp has dropped to 56-57 degrees. Best boat speed 1.7-2.7 mph. Top producing lures were our Double Flutters in Pyramid Frog and Blue Tiger. 3rd. best Code Blue. Best depths have been 80-120 ft.
We have found the larger fish moving south. Working the bait balls is the top producer for us.
We have been using the Shark Weights, with a 20 ft. set back. We have found that the fish are very attracted to the shark weight. The fish are very aggressive at this time. They have been taking either the bigger spoon or both at the same time.
Yesterday I slipped out with my wife for a few hours an managed to catch 12 on the troll and 1 on the jig. Largest fish of the week just under 8 lbs. We take great care in releasing these fish. Our largest fish of the week was caught on our Pyramid Perch Double Flutter.
Have been seeing a lot of guys from the boards out there. Heard of some nice catches. Nice talking to everyone on the radio. I have 2 open seats for Veterans day on Friday. If you are a veteran and you would like to fish with me on my boat, the first 2 guys that respond will get the seats. PM me.
Looking forward to another great week. Will be fishing with Geezer in the morning.
Now we are off to vote and then catching up on yard work and painting more lures!


Pyramid Lake--10/22-30

Fished the Mushroom, Hells Kitchen and found very few fish that wanted to play.  The jigging action has slowed quite a bit in these areas.  Head south and found good numbers of fish holding in 70-100 ft. of water.  Quality of fish was well above average,  3-5 lb. very common.  Some very nice fish!  Lures of choice still the Double Flutter in Blue Tiger, Pyramid Frog, Nickel/Code Blue and Fire tiger.  Found the fish extremely hungry.  Most of our fish were taking both spoons of the Double Flutter.  Fished with Willy one day for a 7 fish hr. of fish all over the 5 lb. range.  Invited a couple of buddies up from Cali. to fish Pyramid for the first time.  And boy did they get spoiled.  Weather conditions were outstanding.  We boated over 25 fish and kept a few for the smoker. 
Boat speed 1.7-2.7 mph.  Best depth 70-100 ft.  Water temp has dropped down to 58 degrees.  The larger fish seem to be heading south.  Will be back at it later this week for more adventures!

Pyramid Lake--10/19-20
Fished with Geezer and my son Willy the past 2 days. Conditions were extremely breezy with some pretty big rollers. Water temp 60 degrees. The bite has slowed some but we are still averaging over 25 fish per day. Jigging has been constant action in 60-100 ft. of water. Trolling we found them in 70-100 ft. Lures of choice have been Double Flutters. Fished the Kitchen today. We lost 2 fish in the teens. Very large fish, lost right at the boat. Average fish today was 3-5 lbs. Even caught 2 fish on one Double Flutter which ended the day with a triple on 2 rods. Will be back out this weekend.


10/4-10--Fished with a great group of people from and a few other friends over the past week. We fished from the mushroom, the kitchen and block house. 70 ft was the magic depth. boat speed 1.7-2.2 mph. Double Flutters dominated the action. Jigging was also consistent in the early am. The fish average was 3-5 lbs. But today while I was fishing with Russ Smith and his son Evan Smith, Evan brought in a beautiful 17 lb. 12 oz. weighed in at Crosby's. This fish was caught on our New Blue Tiger Double Flutter lure. It was the 12th fish caught on this lure. Congrats Evan! Fished with a lot of guys this week and had many doubles and triples using the Double Flutter lures. 

Evan Smith with his 17 lb. 12 oz. Pyramid Lake Cutthroat!

10/6--Pyramid Lake. Fished the kitchen today. Found that the fish were cooperative taking the Double Flutter lure in 70 to 100 foot of water. Best patterns were Code Blue, Chub and Fire tiger. Switched over to jig fishing. Found the bait balls up against the rocks. We jigged right underneath the bait and found a large number of fish. Jig colors that worked best were Blu and green. Average fish was 3-5 lbs. We averaged 10-15 fish per angler.

10/1--Well with high winds early am at Pyramid, I opted to just head out and fish the bank. I hit Spider point this morning. Seen 15 to 20 fish caught. Most on spoons. Nickel w/Code Blue or Firetiger spoons were the best for me. I managed to catch 3 fish. Nothing too large. Gave away a lot of tackle to folks along the shore line. This young man wasn't having to much luck so I gave him one of my Fire Tigers to use and he caught his first keeper minutes later. Didn't see any fish caught by anglers on boats. Saw most boats having fun in the wind. Coast Guard was very busy this am. Glad I didn't try to launch. The line was clear out on the road. At least 50 or more in line when I showed up. Going to give it another try either later today or tomorrow am.

Young man who caught his fish using a lure that I gave him earlier.     The Line up to the boat ramp opening day at Pyramid Lake.