• Trolling/Casting Spoon


    Our Custom spoons are great for trolling or casting. 

    We have a nice variety of colors to choose from and

    they come 3 in. 3/4 oz. and 3 3/4 in. 1 oz.

    Because some of the spoons are custom painted, colors and patterns may vary slightly.

    (Hook color may vary.)

    Green/Gold Orange

    Glow Perch

    Red Dot

    Green Frog

    Glow Lemon Lime

    Glow Flame

    Golden Glow Tiger

    Glow w/Code Blue

    Nickel w/Code Blue

    Nickel w/Crush Glow

    Blue Tiger 1 oz. 3 3/4" only

    Glow Chartreuse Minnow

    Nickel Chrome Minnow w/Glow