• Trolling Dodger


    These are our  Signature Custom Trolling Dodgers.  They are 5 1/2 inches long and available in Nickel and Copper.

    Any of our Nickel or Copper dodgers are also availble with tape both sides for $1.00 extra per dodger.  Please make the choice below when ordering if you want tape both sides.  Which in our experience seems to make a big difference!

    Trolling speed for these dodgers is 0.9 to 2.25 mph.

    For Kokanee, attach any of our Trolling Hoochies, Mini Skirts or Hairy Bugs Tipped with white corn soaked in shrimp oil, 18-24 inches behind the dodger.

    For Trout, attach any of our Trolling Flutter Spoons or Trolling Worm Harnesses.

    Nickel Krill Red

    Nickel Blue Prism and Copper Blue Prism

    Nickel Orange Crush and Copper Orange Crush

    Nickel Crush Clow and Copper Crush Glow

    Nickel Chartreuse Plasma

    Nickel Pink Plasma

    Nickel Chrome Plasma

    Nickel Pink and Blue Scale