Salmon Hoochie Pro Packs


Hoochie Rig Pro Pack  $12.99

The Hoochie Rig Pro Pack consists of

  • One single hook rig on 70# test with 5/0 barbless hook.
  • One double hook rig on 70# test with two 5/0 barbless hooks.
  • Five (5) Premium 4.5 inch Hoochies

 The rigs are approx. 27 inches long and ready to rig with the Premium 4.5 in. hoochies.

All of our Hoochie Rig Packs are now available in our 4 hoochie colors.  Krilledible, Ocean Rainbow,  Purple Cloud and Krill Red.

Krilledible Hoochies

Ocean Rainbow Glow Hoochie

Purple Cloud Hoochie

Krill Hoochie