Lake Master Special Package


Introducing our Lake Master Special Package.

This package includes... 

  • New Golden Glow Dodger (which is 6 3/4 inches long),
  • New Golden Glow Tiger 3" Flutter Spoon
  • Glow with Code Blue 3" Flutter Spoon and
  • Nickle with Glow 3" Flutter Spoon.

 This Dodger and Lure combo works great for the Pyramid Lake Cutthroats and also for Mackinaw.

Trolling Tips:  Tie any one of the Flutter Spoons 3-5 dodger lengths behind the dodger. 

                     For the Pyramid Lake Cutthroat I like to troll this combo either above or below the bait balls.
                     For Mackinaw I prefer to troll this combo 20 ft. off bottom.

Boat speed for trolling 1.2-1.7 mph.